30 August 2011

It's a circus of girls dressed as forest creatures.

Wearing: A blushing beige lace top from H&M, rich caramel shorts from H&M, tawny wedges and knee socks from H&M (ok wow, am I really wearing everything from H&M?), a scarf with forest animal circus print from Zara (well, almost everything..), an assortment bangle bracelets from Free People, a seashell ring made by a local artisan here in Rome. 

How many times have I worn this circus scarf from Zara as a turban this summer? I can't even begin to count! Who'd ever think that this wave of extreme African heat and spending days on end with wet-rat hair would lead me to dig up something and make it a default favorite accessory? Actually, I'm sorry you can't make out the pattern; I was so used to seeing the circus on there that I automatically thought you could make it out when wrapped as a turban. I'll have to make a point of taking a picture of the design next time.

Speaking of extreme African heat (which literally does blow over from Africa), the biting insects and I have had our annual reunion. And it's always me that hosts the the party. Mosquitoes, gnats, spiders... come one, come all. And yes, it's as un-fun as it sounds. Last week, I'd gotten some kind of bite on my arm that must have hit a nerve and my thumb was pins and needles for a week straight. Gah. But it's better now.

Also, I really wanted to thank you for being so patient with my little hiatus from blogging; you're all such good, supportive blogger friends, and it really means so much. But I need to tell you that I haven't forgotten about my blog or ignored it; actually, I made good use of the pause to think and brainstorm and reflect. (Actually [actually is such a useful word], I've been spending a lot of time on my Tumblr to keep the brain juice flowing). So there are ideas in the works (rainbows of the brainstorms!) that will begin to introduce themselves one by one, a little at a time (they're a bit shy...)

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