17 November 2011

Surrender with me and bring your violin

Wearing: Jacket/A.N.A., Belt/Vintage Calvin Klein, Booties/Kimchi Blue, Pancake sunnies/Giant Vintage Sunglasses, Hat/Rugby by Ralph Lauren

I. LOVE. This. Jacket. Love ❤ Love ❤ Love. I've had it a few years, and actually, I think my mom had picked it out for me... (notice my coolest and most favorite pieces are usually chosen by my mom.) I've also been wearing the Pancake sunnies around quite a bit recently, so I figured I'd give them a turn and give my John Lennon sunnies a break.

I'm all pumped because this week is a holiday week. I've already started listening to my Christmas music stations on Pandora (sorry, it's never to early for me!), I've got my seasonal candles lit half the day as I sit and edit photos, and I've bought gingerbread-scented soap and hand sanitizer from Bath & Body Works. Thursday is Thanksgiving, I have a bunch of relatives coming over my house, and my mom will be cooking her famous Thanksgiving meal (excuse me as I go float into Dreamland...). The week will be filled with fun preparation: planning, shopping, cooking, baking- I can't wait!