29 February 2012

Mirror Mirror On the Wall, It's a Small World After All

Snow White tee, fur scarf, H&M; Jacket, Romwe; Aviators, rescued from the bro; Bag, vintage Coach

And WHO'S going to Disney World tonight?! Hollerrrr! I have no idea why I didn't mention that before, but I think it's because deep down, I wanted to make some sort of big announcement about it (?) I haven't been there since I was 5 years old. I'm now 25. 20 years baby; it's high time I go back! I've been spiritually prepping for this trip the past couple of days wearing this Snow White tee (I'll be bringing it down to FL with me, too), and singing "It's a Small World" non-stop like a crazed person. I remember that "It's a Small World" boat ride from when I went last time (it's how I learned the song LoL), but what I'm seriously looking forward to is going through the Haunted House and then stopping for a gooey PB&J sandwich at Aunt Polly's Landing (anyone else know what I'm talking about?) Only bummer is that I'm kinda mildly ill with a teensy fever. I don't know what the deal is; I have been pretty sick all winter and just can't shake these bugga-boos. Whatevs. I decided I gotta take my blog pics anyway, and ain't nothing going to keep me from the Magic Kingdom.

Also, you like my sunglasses? My first pair of aviators! I stole them from my brother, or should I say I rescued them. He was about to throw them away with a bunch of junk, but I saw them glisten in his hands from across the room, and I jumped up just in time, "NO! Wait! What are you crazy?!" And then they were mine. So they're coming down with me to The Sunshine State, too. Yea baby. Let's go.


I'll be twittering and instagramming during my trip like it's going out of style. Follow me for the updates here and/or here; it'll kinda be like you came along in my suitcase!