Crossing the Arno

1. Benvenuti a Firenze 2. Palazzo Vecchio, from behind 3. Palazzo Vecchio, from afar 4. Breakfast at Roberto Cavalli's cafĂ© 5. My brother Sal 6. Dolce & Gabbana dress, perfection is possible 7. My brother making afternoon coffee 8. "Hi." 9. The storybook house across the courtyard 10. Afternoon tea, alla fiorentina 11. Getting ready for chic dinner in Piazza Santo Spirito 12. My new leather glasses case, handmade and my initials engraved in gold (!) 13. Pigeon posing 14. The Arno as it looks from the Ponte Vecchio

... some instas of the past week, which I spent in Florence visiting my brother.

I'm very sorry for my long absence from the blog! If you'll remember, I'd been having some medical issues recently, and I had to put my blog on hold. But things are slowly but surely starting to get back to normal again, so I'll be around more often now!