List of Springtime Essentials: The NYC Edition

List of Springtime Essentials: NYC Personal Style Guide | Allegory of Vanity

Walking around the streets of Manhattan as the new season unfolds, you begin to notice certain trends. Throw in some of your own preferences for pieces you see over and over again on your favorite fashionable internet personalities (*this*, ladies and gents, is why I love blogs so much), and you begin to get an idea of what the local "look" is going to be. Well, ok, this is New York City, and there is an infinite variety of looks parading the streets (cue complex statistical permutation formula), but this one happens to be the one I like best and intend to aspire to.

Also, can I just gush for a moment about how much I love those Windsor Smith fisherman sandals? (ʃƪ ˘ ³˘) They are the best-looking I've seen so far (Jeffrey Campbell has a pair, but I think I like these better)... but alas, Windsor Smith is an Australian company, and international shipping costs are something to consider. So the search continues.