At the Sphinx

Le Sphinx, Paris || Allegory of Vanity
Personal Beauty || Chanel Makeup + Shalimar Perfume || Allegory of Vanity
Folies Bergere Dancer, 1925 || Allegory of Vanity

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I finally got a new computer! I am SO excited!!It felt like I was holding out for ages because I wanted to avoid my usual problem of buying an Apple (insert product here __________ ) and finding out a month later that the "super-deluxe" "state-of-the-art" "most-up-to-date" version is about to be released. Apple and I must have a special harmonic connection: we're perfectly in sync.... except that I always seem to tap my foot on the off-beat. In any case, the old adage rings true: "All good things come to those who wait." This computer, with its super-fast processing and ultra-sharp retina display, definitely ranks among those "good things." And I'm currently learning how to store and catalog my files properly with Dropbox and Lightroom so I don't end up running my hard drive into the ground like I did with my last computer.