Adidas Superstar + Campus 2.0 Revisited: I used to wear these!

Adidas Superstar + Campus 2.0 || 90s trends sneakers || Allegory of Vanity
Kate Moss 90s || style inspiration || Allegory of Vanity
(I think Kate Moss might actually be wearing a pair of Gazelles in this photo.)

I love these sneakers! I used to wear Superstars for the longest (precisely in this color, too... until I switched over to black Converse high-tops and have worn those almost exclusively since, the exception being my much prized iridescent Superga). So it would seem it's time to switch back again. However this time around, I've decided to order the Campus 2.0 and give those a try. I think they look super cute, especially when styled in an outfit similar to this one here, modeled by a 1993 Kate Moss. Can you tell I'm excited they're trendy again?