Just Lipstick, and That's It.

Image via Vanessa Jackman

This is more or less the makeup look I've been adhering to lately, and I can tell you, it is liberating. If you want to cut your "get ready time" down to lightening speed, this is the way to go. And to think, I always swore I'd never part ways with eye makeup, which, in my mind, was tantamount to amputating an appendage. But I've finally decided I've had enough with the unofficial rulebook of how to apply one's makeup nowadays, requiring practically professional skills to transform ourselves every single morning... shading, sculpting, highlighting... eye crease, hollows of the cheeks, etc etc etc. Personally, I'm starting to find all these extended and intricate makeup application options a bit tiring, and for what it's worth, I don't really think it makes me look much better anyway. No, I'd much prefer my makeup to look like it's complementing my face rather than masking it. It's definitely the next best thing to #wokeuplikethis.