Celine Gold Jewelry Statement Earrings || Oracle Fox || earrings, statement jewelry, gold, accessories, style, spring, trend, minimalism, Celine || Allegory of Vanity
Gucci Sunglasses Outfit || style, white, eccentric, trendy, Gucci, white, sunglasses, accessories, inspiration, model || Allegory of Vanity
Floral Makeup Dazed Magazine Cover || makeup, flora, flowers, Dazed magazine, photography || Allegory of Vanity
Palm leaves || palm, photography, trends, spring 2016, nature, flowers, flora || Allegory of Vanity
Bomber jacket || silk, embroidery, bombers, style, inspiration, spring 2016, trends, outerwear || Allegory of Vanity
Modern Minimalist Jewelry || rings, hands, jewelry, minimalist, modern, chic, accessories, spring 2016, trends, inspiration
Dune by Horkruks || gold dress, style, inspiration, blogger, minimalism, spring 2016 || Allegory of Vanity

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A random collection of pictures can sometimes make inspirational sense. I think the thread of commonality here is "stylish eccentricity".