Cherry Blossom

For those of us far away, the natural disasters first struck Japan more than a month ago, and we move on. But for the Japanese people, the reality of this walking nightmare continues to be as immediate as this very moment. I am deeply moved by the sorrowful images of people in fear and despair and a beautiful land struck by devastation. There was one image captured by a Japanese photographer of a man who'd lost his life, lying in the rubble of a deserted town. It was powerful, and it is an image I will not forget.

Today I wear red.
Cherry blossoms fill my heart;
Japan's on my mind.


H&M, Skirt/H&M, Scarf/Thrifted, Sandals/Me Too, Bag/Brahmin

Taking these photos for the moving pictures was a lot of fun because my brother helped me out (you can check out his photo blog here). So I got a little break from my usual routine of snapping the picture, running into place and position in 10 seconds, running back to the camera, checking the picture, and starting all over again. I have to tell you, those photography acrobatics were getting a little tricky in those '40's-looking sandals I was wearing, especially since I was trying to be careful with them!

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And how about those glasses? They used to belong to my mom when she was in college! (I know, I know- I'm mooching again, I know) I'd been searching for a second pair of glasses for a while, and one day, my mom was rummaging noisily around her room when I suddenly heard her yell in triumph, "Aha!" "Aha" always gets me excited, so I ran over to see what she'd found. Ca-ching! Jackpot! Glasses from with super huge plastic frames, just the way I like them, and from the '70s, no less! And wait, it gets even better; my mom said they were called "owl glasses," and of course, this made me love them even more. Ah yes, definitely a very nice surprise!

Have you found anything super cool lately?
❤ Claudia ❤

Just An Old Sweet Song

Hello everyone! Have you had a nice weekend and a nice Easter? I just wanted to start off this post with thanking you for all the beautiful comments you leave me and all the kind things you say; it's so lovely of you all! I'm slowly but surely making the rounds to all your blogs to say hello. I also wanted to welcome new readers! I'm so glad you're enjoying reading Molto Fashion. :)

I started off my Easter with a festive breakfast of my mom's heavenly cinnamon coffee cake and the eggs we'd colored (and, well, you know, some Easter chocolate and a couple of jelly beans here and there). Then I went to my aunt's house for a huge meal (the food she whips up always has us kids dreaming for weeks before hand) and a grand finale of a sinful array of desserts (dessert time= precious moment). I'd planned out this outfit especially for the occasion, and I was all excited to wear it. It's one of those outfits where I got a little creative, making that bow out of the belt of a flowy H&M wrap sweater, and I was all set to wear it until... it started to rain. Rain on Easter? Like, what is that? Fail, Mother Nature. Fail. 


Sweater/Anthropologie, Blouse/Urban Outfitters, Pants/Guess, Boots/Urban Outfitters, Bag/Vintage

And now for some snippets from my Easter weekend (of course with a "hipstacollage" as the cherry on top).


It's funny, when there are so many good things to eat in front of me all at the same time, I never know what to pick, and I end up not tasting everything I'd originally expected/hoped I would taste. Then when it's the day after, I look back on pictures and I think, "Oh man! I should have eaten that! And that! And why didn't I have some of that?!" I guess I take it for granted in the moment. Ah, well... There's always next year!

❤ Claudia ❤

What A Day For Picking Daisies

The other day, I just could not resist basking in the sun and warmth of a beautiful Spring day. It feels so good after long Winter months and persistent harsh weather. You know, I really love the "scent" of Spring. Did you ever notice that the air in each season has a particular scent to it? Spring smells really, really good. It's warm and kind of musky and sweet. I wish I knew what made it smell like that... I would say it was the flowers and trees, but those aren't exactly in bloom yet... Aaaanyway, before I scare you with my seasonal smell analysis, I'm going to move right along. Alrighty.

I feel like Rosie the Riveter when I wear my kerchief headbands. Makeshift kerchief headbands and turbans have recently become my favorite accessories because they're glam and they're forgiving of a bad hair day. And as for my "Roman Bag," I love that too because it basically fits my entire life story inside (I love to lug around various unnecessary objects). I did think though that the Caesar and Coliseum print needed a little frou, so I tied one of my trusty ribbons around the strap.

P.S. I have to point out again that it was another day where I didn't freeze my fingers off as I was taking my pictures; as you can tell, it's a real novelty.


Blouse/H&M, Pants/H&M, Shoes/Urban Outfitters, Bag/Gift from my parents
I have to say though, I'm really happy about the style now-a-days. All this "thrifty" and "vintage" stuff really gets the creative juices flowing. I remember a couple of years back, the style was really super-polished, and things had to be "just so." Your hair, your nails, your clothes, your jewelry, the bag you carried. Looking back, it seems very manicured and like it didn't leave a lot of room for difference and uniqueness. But now... How fun and cool is it that now, it is totally acceptable to go digging into your closet (or your mom's, dad's, or grandma's- wink wink) and "go shopping" in there? Or taking that one clothing item and thinking of a hundred different ways to wear it, and wearing it over and over again because with all that mixing and fussing, it never gets old? Who knows though, maybe one day, hipsters and vintage peeps will be looked back on as too sentimental and sloppy. I don't know. But for now, the idealist in me likes to think of the recent style changes as expressive, authentic, and revolutionary. Time to mix it up and kick it up a notch! Bam!

In any case, I had a lazy rainy Saturday yesterday, and I took a few photos to share it with you. All because a rainy Saturday is for catching up on things you normally can't do and doing things you normally wouldn't do. For example:

1. Eating homemade pancakes for lunch (of course, with a cup of coffee).


2. Digging in my closet, and finding a Barbie necklace.


3. Painting my nails with heart-glitter nail polish.


4. Watching a good old Fred Astaire movie while relishing hot pink Peeps.


Jeez but it was raining so hard that the rain looked like a wall of fog! Crazy!

❤ Kiss kiss ~ Claudia ❤