Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Barbie Lip Combo

Barbie Lip Combo || MAC Saint Germain + NYX Dolly Pink || Allegory of VanityBarbie Lip Combo || MAC Saint Germain + NYX Dolly Pink || Allegory of Vanity

MAC Saint Germain + NYX Dolly Pink

When I say I've been wearing this lip combination every day, I literally mean every. single. day. I've never even done that with red lipstick, and I consider that my signature color (prepare yourself, Red, you may have to share this title of distinction now!)

PS I've finally followed the advice of my favorite YouTube beauty gurus and started outlining and coloring my lips in with pencil before applying my lipstick, and it's like a miracle! It makes my lipstick last longer and stay in place, especially non-matte formulas, like this MAC Saint Germain, which is an Amplified. Why was I lazy and not bother to try this before?

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Romance vs. Amour

Thiemo Sander || Allegory of Vanity
Lana Del Rey || Ultraviolence Billboard || Allegory of Vanity
The Drama of Exile || Allegory of Vanity
Amour Neon Lights || Allegory of Vanity
Silent Film Star Norma Talmadge || Allegory of Vanity
1923 Fan || Metropolitan Museum of Art || Allegory of Vanity
Pirelli Calendar for 1972 || Allegory of Vanity
Pearls on a Bust || Hawaiian Coconut || Allegory of Vanity
Marchesa Gauzy Lace Sock || Allegory of Vanity
Princess Diamond Earrings || Hawaiian Coconut || Allegory of Vanity
Beyond the Valley of the Dolls|| 1970s Film || Allegory of Vanity
80s Tableau || Allegory of Vanity
Christina Ricci || Buffalo 66 || 1990s Film || Alelgory of Vanity

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Midsummer to My Ears: Current Summer Playlist

Midsummer to My Ears || Current Summer Playlist || Allegory of Vanity

My current summer playlist: music to eat your ice cream to. So turn on the fan and cut loose!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Spaced Out Tumblr

In a moment of inspiration, lady muse came to me and told me to do this to my Tumblr. And she was right, cuz I like it much better. Check it out  ☛ here. ☚

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Ray-Bans and Seed Beads

Leopard Blouse + Seed Bead Bracelet || Outfit || Allegory of VanityLeopard Blouse + Seed Bead Bracelet || Outfit || Allegory of Vanity

Blouse, Lucky Brand; my new Ray-Bans (We've been united at last! I wear them non-stop, and I blame them for my new affectation of wearing sunglasses indoors. Which leads me to wonder: why did I wait so long to get them??); seed bead bracelet from the late 90s

Friday, August 1, 2014

Good night, Moon...

Courtney Love on the Moon, via

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Space Age Superga

Wearing Iridescent Superga || Allegory of VanityIridescent Superga || Allegory of Vanity

What's my favorite color? Iridescent! (And pink.)

Browsing through pages of department store websites every now and then has its perks... such as coming across these iridescent Superga sneakers and making what could be called an "impulse purchase," but without the regret afterwards.