03 November 2014

Wish List: The Lionheart

1. Robe décolletée à imprimé python, The Kooples 2. Cross My Heart, Corpus Christi 3. Sac Minibox, The Kooples 4. Ceinture taille haute en cuir, The Kooples

Power outfit all the way. I love every one of these pieces so much that I actually find myself visiting my Wish List board to stare wistfully at them, wishing I could be staring at them in my own closet instead. I love this whole look: it's easy to put together, and it's urban and chic, hence, very New York appropriate.

31 October 2014

Magic Spells While You Wait: Fraidy Cats Welcome!

Magic Spells While You Wait: Fraidy Cats Welcome || Happy Halloween || Allegory of Vanity

Witches go riding, black cats are seen, the moon laughs & whispers, the carved pumpkins gleam, for tonight fellow trickers it is Halloween.
I'm all ready for one of my favorite days (and nights) of the year! Happy Halloween!

26 October 2014

The Artist

The Artist || The Metropolitan Museum of Art || New York City || Allegory of Vanity

Every time I visit the Met, I see this artist seated in various places throughout the museum, transforming 3D works of art into beautiful black and white replicas on paper. Each time, some place different, ever since I can remember.