August 27, 2014

Style Patronus: Mary Kate in the "Greenwich Village Look"

My Mary Kate Faves || Allegory of Vanity

Mary Kate Olsen: my style icon since forever. What is it about MK, or any of my other style icons for that matter (posts about them are coming: watch this space...) that makes her so mesmerizing to me? Of course, half of the equation is just down to personal taste and what appeals to whom. But the other 50%? It's an elusive formula that is about as mesmerizing as the icon herself, especially since I think it's one of the keys to dressing well and achieving a personal "look."

August 25, 2014

Goldie August 25th

watch: Timex || bracelets: JCrew

August 22, 2014

I'd Have Sweet Dreams in This Bed

Lit Aube et Crépuscule || Emile Gallé 1904 || Allegory of Vanity
Image via

Forget the Fairy Princess set! I want this one!