27 July 2011

Let Me Sing Among Those Stars

Wearing: Printed maxi skirt/: Wet Seal (gift from Mom), lace bolero: H&M, boots: Urban Outfitters, stacked bangles: Free People, DIY seashell crown made with my Nonna's seashell necklace

This is a post I would like to dedicate to my Nonna, who passed today to a better place. She suffered for many years from Parkinson's disease, and I am glad that in her last moments she didn't suffer at all.

She was my stylish Nonna that I always talk about, whose clothes I always wear, and it's just by luck that in this particular post, I was wearing the crown I'd made out of her seashell necklace. I have had this post prepared for a while, but with all that's been going on, it was difficult for me to get it up. But today I wanted to put the finishing touches because I think she would have liked it.


❤ Claudia x ❤

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18 July 2011

I Wanna Ride On A White Horse

DSC_8620 apricot
DSC_8640 apricot
DSC_8642 apricot
DSC_8634 apricot
DSC_8618 apricot
DSC_8657 apricot
DSC_8666 apricot heart
Wearing: Pretty pink floral dress: a surprise gift from Ciara, beige cotton knit sweater: Anthropologie, cream knee-socks:H&M, cream patent-leather oxfords: Urban Outfitters, leather bag embossed with a rose: Lucky Brand, my new favorite horse earrings: H&M

I love everything about this dress: the colors, the fancy floral pattern, the off-the-shoulder sleeves, and the person who gave it to me. It was a surprise gift from Ciara when she came to visit, and I couldn't wait to wear it for the blog! It's one of those precious pieces that give me a million and one ideas when I look at it, and as for this outfit, it includes a much-favored color combo of mine, cream and pink. When I browse through these pictures, my eyes think, "Ahhh....." 

I had such an exciting weekend! My cousin Giuseppe got married, and what a good time we all had! The Church ceremony was beautiful, but the celebration afterwards was especially something to remember. It all took place here in Rome, the Mass at a church on the Via Appia Antica located in the most ancient section of the city and the party at a villa in the surrounding countryside. The sun shone all day, and the air was dry, crisp, and breezy (how lucky is that for the middle of July?!) There were tables and tables of delicious food (even an entire table dedicated to dessert heaven!!) But I think seeing the beautiful bride in all her wedding glory and passing the evening in good close company were the real highlight for me.  

GiuGiu collage 1
Giugiu Collage 2
Giugiu collage 3
Giugiu collage 4
Everything was so beautiful that the whole time I couldn't take enough pictures! I was dying to capture as much of the event as I could for you. 

I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend filled with delicious food, pretty things, and good friends. :)

❤ Claudia x ❤

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11 July 2011

Alohomora! To Unlock the Door to a Dream

night sky itsplaintosee round
mystical cape via cherokee blood round
owl post rosettes round
florals rose round
threes charmround
fairy vanish my flight of fancy round
mountainhart hogwarts ticket not round
flower crown my flight of fancy round
unicorn pink gypsy cats round
dark pretty roses flowerymessround
woodendreamsforest round
every little piece of love reality dreams round
unicorn night fairyrose round

Description: Used to open and/or unlock doors, but doors can be bewitched so that this spell has no effect.

There's magic in the air these days! And my mind is full of fantasy, so I've tried to spill some of it out on here to share with you the fancy!

I am on a mission to find Harry Potter in English somewhere around the city; I refuse to see it in Italian for the following reasons: 1) Harry Potter in Italian just doesn't cut it in my book (even the names are different... like Albus Dumbledore is Albus Silente... Eew!) and 2) I can't handle watching things translated from one language into another because as I'm listening to and understanding one of the languages spoken, I'm unintentionally mouth-reading and understanding what the actors are actually saying. It's a psychedelic experience that makes my brain short circuit, so I'd rather avoid it all together. Wish me luck!

❤ Claudia xoxo ❤

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All images via Eyes of an Aries, Floralls, Rosettes, My Flight of Fancy, Bittersweet and Strange, Pink-Gypsy-Cats, Broken from the Start, Horse-Magic, A Witch's Spell.

07 July 2011

Kitschy Kitschy Bang Bang

WearingBlouse with nautical stripes and eyelet lace: H&M, high-waisted pants: H&M, grey pumps: H&M, leather belt: Anthropologie, quilted bag: handmade here in Rome, big-brimmed sun hat: Giuliani (a family-owned boutique), glasses: vintage from mom

I couldn't wait to wear this blouse for the blog as I'm head-over-heels in love with its sharp nautical stripe pattern and it's sweet eyelet lace. I can think of a million ways to wear it, and at one point, I was reaching for it almost every other day! But I'm trying to avoid doing that now because I'm afraid of wearing it to death. My mom liked this little set-up in these photos as she thought it cute and kitschy with the flowers and the stripes and my scallop-brimmed sun hat. I certainly wasn't going to complain as I am a big fan of all things "kitschy," even the word itself!

This week, I also had the pleasure of being interviewed by the Italian vintage company DeliGlam as a "Style Icon of the Present." DeliGlam is chock-full of pretty vintage treasures from all over Europe that its owners Paola and Valentina stumble upon in their travels, and their blog is full of old-fashioned romance and sweetness. The interview is in Italian, but I tested out the English translation from the translator site http://babelxl.com/ and it worked out pretty well. So in case you're interested, you can check out the actual interview here, and this way if you don't speak Italian, you'll be able to understand it anyway! :) 

Also, Paola and Valentina asked me to let you know that as a Molto Fashion reader, you'll receive a 15% discount on a purchase (min. €30). Just enter the code "emoltofashion15" at checkout, and you're all set! :)

❤ Claudia x ❤
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