08 March 2012

Disney: The Perfect Title

♪ I'm baaaaccckkk...! ♪

I had sooo much funnnnnn!!!! Take me back! Seriously, I gotta get back there no matter what, and I'm not waiting another 20 years for it! The weather was summery and sunny, the people were so nice, and the food was insanely delicious (You see that picture with the ice cream sandwich? That's a chocolate-chip cookie ice cream sandwich right there, and it was my lunch on the days I went to Magic Kingdom. Trust me, it's not a lie when they say Disney is the place where dreams come true). Plus I was surrounded by all the cutest things (cue Mickey Mouse and Goofey) and walking around the physical version of my imagination. I mean, better than that? You'll also be happy to know I got to go back to the Haunted House and on the "It's a Small World" boat ride, but what really killed it was "Mission Space," a ride that simulates what it's supposed to feel like on a spacecraft mission to Mars. No joke, THE coolest ride EVER- I got to live out some of my Star Trek fantasies. (I highly recommend you read a little about it here).

Ok but who am I kidding. The real highlight was the Jack Sparrow impersonator (I mean honestly, was it an impersonator or Jack Sparrow himself?) Dude looked like Johnny Depp's clone, and I have two words for that: Hubba. Hubba...

Thank you for all your awesome comments on my last post! I love hearing from you like that, and I had so much fun reading what you said, especially when I was lounging around the airport waiting for my flights (that's what I was doing in the first pic). I'm glad you liked my theme outfit, too- as promised, I brought the Snow White t-shirt down with me to Disney *and* wore it around Magic Kingdom! Sadly, it was on the last day I was there, so I was just too depressed to Instagram it...! ;)