Casuale, nº7: things.

Vintage Ray Ban aviators, Rolex Datejust Champagne Diamond Dial Jubilee Bracelet, Goyard Goyardine Passport Holder.

Source unknown.

Trench coat + fishnets at Versus/Istante by Gianni Versace Fall/Winter 1995.

Shalom Harlow at Versus/Istante by Gianni Versace Fall/Winter 1995.


Rainy day in NYC.

St. Patrick's Cathedral. 5th Avenue, NYC.

Photo @mvb.

It's a rainy day today here in NYC, and inconvenience notwithstanding, it's the kind of weather that makes me sentimental about New York, especially around this time of the year when everything is gearing up for the holidays. It reminds me of running to catch a train, darting between the jungle of umbrellas of bewildered tourists, determined commuters, and other New Yorkers on a mission (is that a weird thing to feel nostalgic about?) or meeting up with friends between classes for a chai tea latte and a jumbo cookie at Starbucks... It's funny to think how rain can make NYC feel so cozy and familiar to me, kind of like a well-worn, comfy sweater.


Good eyeliner.

Erin Wasson's cat liner.

I think Erin Wasson frequently demonstrates that dramatic yet effortless is not necessarily a contradiction in terms. For me, it's a phenomonon to be filed under "good inspiration," to be revisted and referenced time and again. It's also one reason why she's a style icon of mine.


Good look: boots + shades.

Aspiring model Daisy from Croatia at New York Fashion Week, Fall 2017.



ESQUELETO: antique rings.

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I love antique jewelry because it's unique and has a great deal of meaning and sentimental value becaue of its connection with the past.


Blue man-tailored shirt.


I just got one of these. Basics are trusty.

Kate Moss for Zara Autumn/Winter 2003.

Kate Moss for Zara Autumn/Winter 2003/04. Photographed by Alfonso Ohnur, from Zara Archive Collection 1996/2012.

Zara is launching a re-edition of some pieces from past collections, and when I saw this campaign from Autumn 2003, I was hit with a bit of nostalgia. I was a junior in high school on the Upper East Side, and I remember seeing these ads around the city or in the window of the Zara flagship that was near my school. It was a time when I started to get more "with-it" in terms of my wardrobe (LoL), making my foray into an "edgier" way of dressing via Zara clothes and MAC makeup. It was an all-girls high school, so it was a supportive environment where mutual inspiration abounded.


Casuale, nº6.

The aviators are the star of this photo... In the end, they are the frames I most prefer. I love how they look, especially when part of a personal style that isn't fussy. I think the key is to wear them in a "throw-'em-on-no-big-deal" kind of way, and just let them make their statement.


Good look: monochromatic red.


Since we're on the topic of wearing red (see last post), I would just like to leave this outfit here.

Very boho.

Wasteland "Paint It Black" Lookbook, modeled by Lauren Hastings, photographed by Harper Smith.


She gave me an idea...

Lisa Bonet, 1993.

This picture of Lisa Bonet inspired me to put red nail polish back on.
Currently wearing: OPI Big Apple Red.... was wearing: OPI Lincoln Park After Dark.


Navajo-style silver and turquoise matchbox.

Child of Wild Light My Fire Matchbox with turquoise stone.

I gave this beautiful matchbox to my brother for his birthday. It's inspired by the work of early century Navajo silversmiths.